Spis treści - Ownership and Society



Jacek Tittenbrun, The Multiple Faces of Ownership [7]

PART ONE - History and Theory

Stanislaw Kozyr-Kowalski, Ownership and Classes in Max Weber's Sociology [17]
Stanislaw Kozyr-Kowalski, Appropriation in Max Weber's Theories of Social Estates [41]
Andrzej Przestalski, Property, Class and Conflict as Viewed by FerdinandTonnies [61]
Stanislaw Kozyr-Kowalski, Protestantism and the Capitalist Spirits [ 75]
Stanislaw Kozyr-Kowalski, Max Weber's Paradigm of a Critique of Historical Materialism [95]
Stanislaw Kozyr-Kowalski, Marxism and Conceptual Scholasticism [ 111]
Jacek Tittenbrun, Toward a Theory of Modern Capitalism [ 131]

PART TWO - Modern Capitalism

Stanislaw Kozyr-Kowalski, Stock Capital and Two Models of the Means of Production Ownership [143]
Jacek Tittenbrun, Stock Ownership and Ownership of the Means of Production [ 167]
Jacek Tittenbrun, Employee Stock Ownership [ 181]
Jacek Tittenbrun, The Economic Nature of Employee Ownership of Pension Funds [ 195]
Jacek Tittenbrun, The Ownership of Pension Funds [203]
Jacek Tittenbrun, Towards a Socio-Economic Theory of Stock Prices [ 219]